Visualize Your Dreams Necklace


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Visualize your dreams and imagine it’s already yours.  


  • Gold Filled elongated chain- 15 1/2″ 
  • Gold Filled elongated chain (drop)- 1″
  • Opal Moon Medallion Charm x 1
  • Gold Filled Adjuster Links- 3″  


 I am a stone of inspiration that enhances imagination and creativity. I bring inspiration to projects, life, and the spirit. I can help ease the effort of handling change in life. My energy can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles. I enhance self-esteem and sense of self worth.  

With the power of intent, crystals can open a world of healing and peace found within. Everything in this world is vibrational energy and crystals can help amplify our auras and shape our energy fields. At Bohindie Stream we believe in the magic of all the metaphysical properties found within crystals. However, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a certain crystal will help anything. It is up to you to believe!